Sometimes in life, we find ourselves searching for things – our lost car keys, the tv remote, our eye glasses/sun glasses, our purpose in life, or in this case – closure.

I can’t explain what it is I’ve been feeling the last few months, but I feel as though I’m searching for closure.

Cancer came, I fought the tough fight, I won and now, well, now it’s time to move on.  I wish it were that easy, something to seems to be missing from the puzzle of moving on, of finding that closure and I just simply have no idea what it is.

I don’t always look back at my life over the last 16 months, but when something triggers a thought, a memory; I think to myself how I can’t believe that was really my life, that I truly had cancer, that I went through 5 surgeries, 16 rounds of chemo and 33 rounds of radiation, so….why do I feel this emptiness?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad, I’m not depressed, I’m happier than I’ve truly been in a very long time; I just have this unknown feeling floating around that I can’t put my finger on.

There are times that I wish I hadn’t been so open about my diagnosis, treatments and all that my body endured; was I too open and honest?  Did I make fighting cancer seem easy glamorous? But, I do know, that because of my honesty, several women had their mammograms done, some for the first time, some that were late, some through Komen for a lack of insurance.  Then there are the renewed friendships I found, even a new one, and one that became stronger through this process.  I learned how to let things go, I found my laughter, I learned just how much my husband loves me, how proud my parents are of me, and even how some people have come to admire me.  And for those things, I’m happy I was so honest.  Yet, I still find I need something, and closure is what continues to come back to me time and time again.

I look back over everything and it all still seems very surreal, as though it didn’t happen in MY life.  All I have to do is look at my scars, look in the mirror at my short hair (as compared to the long hair I had at the time), see my thin left eye brow, feel my aching joints, take a handful of medicine each night and all the other things that cancer left me with that others don’t see to remember that all of this really did happen, but yet, there’s just that something I can’t seem to find. Something that is holding me back from fully healing.  Is it my deep fear that cancer isn’t finished with me? Is there another life lesson waiting to be learned?  What is it?

The ocean and beach have always been something that calms my soul, it soothes me.  Pat and I made a quick trip to Galveston before my first surgery so I could walk on the beach, clear my head, soak in all that was about to happen.  I wish I could say that the beach was calling my name again, that taking that walk, staring out at the ocean, listening to the waves crashing is what I’m hearing right now, but I’d be lying if I said that; because, honestly, the beach calling me is something that happens on a daily basis.  Water must be my cosmic energy, or whatever it is called.  My soul needs to be soothed, I need to find a way past this.

I know that breast cancer, or cancer in general, will always be a part of my life, it’s now part of the new me, it’s part of my new normal – daily hormone suppressors, extra doses of vitamins, regular visits with my breast surgeon, my radiation oncologist, my plastic surgeon and my medical oncologist; it’s my new normal.

And, here I sit…..searching for something I can’t find, something I’ve lost and don’t know where to look.

I wish I knew how to explain this feeling I have.  Wish I knew how to understand it myself.  Wish I knew the magic answer.

Windchime 20130115-215839.jpg




Headshot by Shantel

Training, Survivor Style


when I got home from work today, Pat said “let’s go for a walk”.

so……after he woke up from his short nap, we left the house and headed for Cedar Hill to walk on the nature trail.

we were almost there, when he mentioned walking the trails in Cedar Hill State Park. I asked him if he had his state park pass with him, he said “yes”. So, in we went.

we pulled up to the entrance, Pat gave the woman his pass and drivers license. His pass expired on March 31st. Strike One.

we drive in down the street and parked in the Cedar Hill Autobahn park so we could walk the “nature trails”.

so, let’s make sure everyone is caught up.

Pat wanted to go for a walk, help me start training for the 3Day, he picked where we were going to walk, AND he was the leader, Strike two.

this little walk on the nature trail, was actually a HIKE! Yes, my first training walk was a HIKE! Have you seen me lately? Do you know how out of shape and overweight I am?  Did I mention that Pat has issues with directions? Strike Three.

we made it to the top of the trail, it was a beautiful view of Joe Pool Lake. We rested for a few minutes (it was a steep climb) before starting on the trail that would lead us back DOWN the trail, WRONG!

Did I mention that Pat has issues with directions?

we ended up at someone’s back yard, not sure what to do, or where to go (I wanted to climb over the barb wire), my walk leader said we should turn around and go back the way we came. Yeah right.

we walked in circles for a while. I was pretty sure that Brandon would be sending a search team for us, hoping they could use the pings from my cell phone to locate us.

somehow, I don’t even know how, we came back across where we had climbed up Mt. Cedar Hill…..decided that it was best to go back down the way we came, surely we could find our way back, right?

there were a few forks on the trail where we had to decide which way to go the choice was not always the right one.

Once we came across a recognizable sign, I took over leading our walk.

we finally made it back to the truck as the sun was going down, it was a nice adventure, one i don’t really care to repeat, but we made it out alive and together.

we decided to stop at Braum’s for a grilled chicken salad, I thought about taking the banana split from the guy in line beside us.

Here are a few pics from our stroll












Taking a New Direction

March 21, 2014

I’m looking forward to taking a different direction in my breast cancer journey, one towards total health, a long life, oh and maybe, just maybe, my first born grandchild this coming Summer!  I plan to be a awesome, fantastic, fun, playful, goofy and role model Nana when that sweet little boy arrives!

As much progress as I’ve made since my diagnosis 16 months ago, both emotionally and physically, no medical under taking of mine would be complete without some type of setback, hiccup or issue.  That’s just how I operate!

I had my final surgery on March 11th, this was the surgery to create my nipples and to remove skin and fat from under each arm, giving my new breasts a nice round silicone implant type of shape.  I saw Dr. Chen (plastic surgeon) last Monday for my post op.  He took a quick look at me and said my right breast/nipple looked red (which is also the cancer/radiated side) and NEVER welcome news in my new world; however, thankfully, I handled the news well and didn’t freak out thinking something horrible was wrong, like cancer again.  Dr. Chen said the redness could be caused from the gauze covering the incision and being held in place by my bra.  But to be safe, he put me on 10 days worth of antibiotics, plus to keep using the triple antibiotic cream, sigh…….

Yesterday when I came home from work and changed clothes, the gauze pad on my right side came off and there was a little teeny tiny bit of blood on the gauze.  I got in front of the mirror and started CLOSELY examining this new nipple, saw where the blood was coming from.  What I thought was dried blood, or a scab, is actually very dark skin (makes me think perhaps its dead skin, but hey, the left side has the same coloring), that LIFTED away from the rest of the nipple when I was cleaning it with an alcohol wipe 0_o  I got the skin cleaned up really REALLY Super duper over the top REALLY clean, got out the cream and bandages and covered that thing back up.  Thankfully, this morning, I thought it looked better.  I’m anxious to check it again before going to bed, but am resisting the urge to peek ahead of time.  I don’t want this to lead to my nipple actually drying up and falling off!  LOL.

In my semi panic mode yesterday, I sent one of my pink ribbon sisters a message asking about her recent nipple reconstruction, she shared a photo with me of what hers looked like after surgery.  We talked a while, then decided how we NEVER in our pre-cancer lifetime did we think we would ever be talking to other women about boobs and nipples!  It made me laugh, as most things do these days.  But seriously.  You should hear/see some of the conversations that take place between cancer patients/survivors who are members of our support group.  It’s very comforting to have a safe place to ask questions, regardless of the topic, or to just vent.  We are all united by that pink ribbon, and as much as I hate that it’s cancer that brought us together, we help each other out, we have become friends, we check on each other, we pray and celebrate, and sometimes, we even cry.

I know I have to get past this one last hurdle (the broken nipple) before I can feel like I can finally move on, to say that it’s all behind me.  But while I wait, I already have my eyes set on my next goal, my next item on my list.  Last year I walked in the Komen Race for the Cure.  That race came just 1 year and 4 days after I got the call that my mammogram was bad.  I crossed the finish line, hand in hand with my husband and our kids.  My hair had already started growing out, I was feeling good, I looked good, life was good.  Now…..I still plan to walk in the 5k, that’s something I want to continue to do, along with my family and friends again.  Having them walk with me is emotionally fulfilling, to have them there, continuing to support me, just by walking is something I will forever cherish.  But…….now I’ve committed to walk in the Komen 3Day.  Before I can walk, I must raise a total of $2300.00.  I’ve already raised a little bit, and I still need to raise $1541.00.  I’d like to have this done by the beginning of June, so that I can concentrate on becoming a Nana in July!  I’m attaching the link to my donation page in case you feel led to donate, even a little bit.  Just make sure you check to see if your employer is a matching contributor when you do!

Everyone deserves a lifetime, so let’s save lives together!  Donate today!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

March 10, 2014

If you see me today and I’m skipping, or maybe even dancing, don’t think I’ve lost even more of my mind; I’m just celebrating.  Celebrating what?  Oh just my LAST and FINAL surgery related to breast cancer!  Soooooooooo that light at the end of the tunnel I’ve been staring at for about 15 months is shining so brightly right now, I can’t help but feel excited, giddy, awesome!  So happy for my high pain tolerance, stubborn will, positive outlook, this is going to be great!

I’ve had a few exciting things take place since my last update :-) I’ve been wanting to work for our school district for about 8 years, I’ve applied and applied and applied, been fortunate to even interview for a few positions.  However, at the end of January, they called me to interview for a position that I hadn’t yet applied for!  And…….I got the job!  I am so happy about this, very happy!  Like a kid about to go to DisneyWorld happy!  I started a week ago this past Thursday, worked 2 days, got a day off due to snow, worked the next day, then had lunch with an astronaut at the dedication of the STEM academy in her honor, worked 2 more days, and now I’m off for Spring Break!  No sense in just rushing right into the training huh?  I know this is a job that I’m just going to love!  My new boss, Loraine, reminds me so much of my favorite boss, Sandra.  There is a sense of family, a respect for the family unit, and that means so much to me.

And speaking of training……I’ve officially registered to walk in the Komen 3Day this coming November, 60 miles in 3 Days.  I have to raise $2300.00 or I won’t be able to participate, and this part does stress me out a bit.  I’m worried I won’t be able to raise the necessary funds.  If you are reading this and feel inclined to donate, click this link, any amount will be appreciated.  Just click on Donate to Michelle in the top left hand corner!  On that page, you can also read my story.

Life often times throws us a curve ball, and sadly, we are seeing that happen in our home right now.  When our youngest son was 10, he wanted a dachshund puppy for Christmas.  He only had 2 request, that it be a female and that she be red.  Pat and I searched and searched for a puppy for him, we ended up getting a red female dapple for Brandon.  Her registered name is Brandon’s Lady Christmas, we call her Chrissy.  She has been the best dog, she has taught us what it REALLY means to have a pet, and not just a dog, or animal.  She caused us to fall in love with the dachshund bread, and she set the bar very high for any others to follow.  She’s 13 now, and yesterday we noticed that she’s starting to bump into things around the house.  After testing her eyesight, we started to pick up that her hearing seems to be going as well.  Now, Chrissy is also pretty stubborn, and she can ignore you better than any person I’ve ever known.  With that in mind, we did a few tests to see if she was ignoring us, or just not hearing.  Sadly, when the treat jar was rattled, she didn’t move at all, didn’t acknowledge it, nothing.  This breaks our hearts.  She doesn’t appear to be in any obvious pain, but she does seem to be confused, which would make sense, we believe that these are new conditions that came on gradual.  We know that there will come a time that we will have to make that hard decision to let her go, and for this family, it’s going to be worse than hard, she isn’t just a dog, she is really a part of our family and we all love her so much.  If it wasn’t for Chrissy, we wouldn’t have Zoey, Wall-E and Frank.  Chrissy set a standard for the others to follow, we will miss her horribly when that time comes.  We don’t want her to suffer, or to be in any pain, so our plan is just to keep a very close eye on her, watch her as she moves around the house, make sure she’s still eating and drinking, and keep her as comfortable as we can.  We would appreciate any prayers you can offer to us so that we will know when the time is right, whether it’s tomorrow or next year, to let her cross the rainbow bridge.  Our hearts are hurting, and I have no doubt that many tears will be shed when we make “that” decision and let her go.

That’s it friends, I’m looking forward to tomorrow, to having the final surgery behind me, it’s been a tough road, both mentally and physically, but here I am, on the other side of breast cancer, about to be a Nana for the first time, with a new job and I am just happy.

Have a wonderful day!


Our Chrissy Girl


National Cancer Day

February 4, 2014 (so this is a day late, not sure why it didn’t publish last night, so I’m trying again)

I wonder……WHY do we need a National Cancer Day?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, a cure needs to be found for ALL cancer’s, so in the eyes of this cancer survivor, for me, everyday is National Cancer Day.  At least the national color of all cancer’s is purple, which, is my favorite color, so I’m happy about that!

And how am I spending my day?  Appointments with BOTH of my oncologists, routine follow ups.  I don’t expect bad news of any kind, but I always feel anxious before seeing my medical oncologist.  It’s the unknowns.  The what it’s.  What if my blood counts are off?  What if some of the aches I’ve been feeling are not normal?  What if…….I suppose this is a common feeling among cancer patients across the board?

However…… concerns were not needed.  When I met with my medical oncologist (Dr. O), she said my labs looked great (YEAH), I appear to be recovering very well from all of my treatments.  She suggested that I have my first colonoscopy within 2 years (preferably sooner) since my paternal grandmother had colon cancer, no need for concern, no suspicions, just being pro-active.  And the best news…..instead of going back in 3 months, I get to stretch it to 4 months!  YEEHAW!  I asked what the statistics were (again) for developing the blood disorder like what Robin Roberts had, Dr. O said the chances are very rare, so rare, that in all of her years of practice, she has NEVER had a patient develop leukemia, but the chances are 2 in 1000.

Then I visited with my radiation oncologist for my normal follow up.  BORING, but necessary.  Same thing, recovering well, skin is still darker on the radiated side (who cares) and……..I don’t have to see him again for a year!

I’m liking all this news more and more and more.

I will see my plastic surgeon this coming Thursday to start the ball rolling for my final surgery (YEAH).  We are hoping that our insurance company will approve the removal of the fat and excess skin from under both of my arms, this area isn’t part of the breast, but I gotta tell ya, I sure would like the look better without all that mess (I am admitting to having some vanity in this issue, after all this mess, I think I deserve it).

But, before I can get to Thursday, I need to get past Wednesday, where I am expecting exciting news…..stay tuned.

We learned last week that our first grand child will be a boy!  We are super excited about this!  Our son’s are the last to carry on our last name, so having this boy, well….long live the Lee’s!  I can’t wait to meet him, tell him how much his NaNa loves him, make tons of wonderful memories with him, and just simply be his favorite :-)

Back to my appointment with Dr. O today.  We talked about all the things she hears cancer patients say that they have learned from their experience, the most common is a genuine appreciation for life, to not sweat the small stuff.  I told her that I had learned how to really laugh, and to stop and smell the weeds, not just the roses.  I have never said “why me” during all this, instead, I KNOW that God hand picked me for a reason.  I may never know what that reason is, or who I am supposed to touch, but I am doing the best thing I know how to do, use my voice to bring awareness.  Dr. O said that a lot of people find their purpose in life during their journeys, and maybe this is mine.  Or maybe, God had been trying to get my attention to teach me a few things and I wasn’t listening, so He knew how to stop me in my tracks.  He has had my UNDIVIDED attention since October 15, 2012.  Whatever the reason(s) are that I developed, fought and WON my fight against breast cancer, I may never know this side of heaven.  But what I do know is this – I am a better person for having gone through this experience.  It hasn’t all been wrapped up in a pretty little bow, but I have been wrapped in love, support and encouragement from my little family and my close circle of friends.  I have felt your prayers, experienced your out pouring of love, accepted your hugs, and positive notes and energy.  If you have learned anything by following my journey, I hope that you have learned that early detection is KEY, it is a must; that a cancer diagnosis does NOT mean a death sentence; that you can look a potential fatal illness in the face and LAUGH and say – TRY AGAIN, I’m stronger than you ever thought about being; that you can fight with a smile, a positive attitude, a glimmer in your eye and a laugh along the way.  I can’t begin to list ALL the things that I have learned, some are deeply personal, some I’ve shared, but I have learned just how strong I truly am, that I am a fighter and I just don’t give up.

I have a lot to live for…..and one of those things will arrive this summer and will call me NaNa.

Stay tuned for what I hope will be some exciting news later this week!

Isaiah 46:4

End of Year

December 30, 2013

I have never truly cared about celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another, to me, New Year’s is just another holiday, another reason people go out and get crazy, making it dangerous on the roads for others.  We always stay home on NYE, and I’m perfectly fine with it.

However, this NYE, the end of 2013, makes me very happy, excited, even a bit giddy.  2013 has been a hard year for me, and my family, as I have battled breast cancer.  Surgeries, chemo, radiation, having my immune system wiped out, sleeping for days (seriously, sleeping for days),  crying because I just felt so horrible, nasty, horrible burns to my breast from radiation.  The ups and downs of my balance and vision.  Yeah, I’m ready to have 2013 behind us.

Then there was loosing my job during all this, having to deal with the disability company over paying me in the beginning, stop paying me while they got their money back, then start paying me again, that didn’t cause any stress, ha!

Some of the emotional pain has been pretty hard as well, as I have had plenty of time to sit and reflect on my life.  I’ve learned some valuable lessons, saw people in a new light, realized things about myself and others (and it isn’t all pretty), I’ve walked away from relationships that brought nothing or negativity into my life, I’ve had others walk out of my life as well.  And those relationship(s) (the ones where people walked out), I realized what my heart already knew…..they were one-sided, meaning, I felt as though I was the one doing all the work, that the relationship meant more to me than it did to the others, and while I thought the end of those relationships would be emotionally painful, I discovered that it wasn’t at all.  Maybe because my head caught up with what my heart already knew.  Going through cancer, for me, has given me the opportunity to really sit back and take things in, take stock of my life, clean out the closets, get rid of the things that don’t belong any longer.

But, on the flip side of all that emotional pain, many beautiful blessings have been delivered to me!  The beautiful way that my husband took care of my every single need (and I do mean, every single need), from not being able to use my arms and go to the bathroom by myself, to bathing me, to listening to me break down and cry, holding me, telling me how proud he is of me in the way I have approached and fought through breast cancer, to reminding me just how far I’ve come.  Never once saying those words “It’s gonna be ok”.  He tells me every day that he loves me, kisses me on the head each morning before he goes to work (Lord knows he wouldn’t want a whiff of my morning breath), it’s been his actions that have told me how deeply he loves and cares for me.  Pat is like a security blanket to me, his presence brings me peace, just being able to look at him, touch him, hold his hand, having him near me, brings me a calmness when my life feels like it’s in a very turbulent storm.  During the first phase of chemo, he would take off work a half day and go to chemo with me, I would recline my chemo chair, he would prop his feet up with me, sometimes, he would even fall asleep, and that was ok with me, he was there and that was all that mattered.  When it was discovered that the disability people had over paid me, his ability to take off work and take me to chemo came to an end, he had been taking this time off, unpaid.  Having him at work, bringing in a paycheck, suddenly became way more important than having him with me.  Even though family stepped up to help out, he was always a phone call or text away if I needed him – always.  And now that this year is coming to a close (Thank you Lord), I know that he is still just a phone call or text away when we are not together.

My kids are happy and healthy, what more could I ask for?

During this chapter in my life, people have come and gone, but the ones who have stayed, or came and stayed are so very precious to me.  you know the old saying “find out who your friends are” is very true.  I’m so deeply grateful for the few who have stayed, you have helped me more than words will ever describe.  You have allowed me to just be me, you have treated me like a normal person, like cancer wasn’t a major part of my life.  You have welcomed me with my bald head, no eye lashes, no eye brows, and no make up, you have helped to keep me grounded and encouraged.  We have discussed, sometimes in great detail, my gut issues, which left us laughing.  I thank you with every thing I have for helping me through this very trying time in my life.  Thank you for never, not once, treating me with kid gloves, like a person who was sick and fighting for their life.

During the beginning, when people were, what felt like, dropping like flies, I was hurt on a few levels, I couldn’t understand why they suddenly stopped communicating with me, but over time, I have realized that maybe they are the type of people who don’t know how to handle watching someone fight cancer, loose their hair, become pale in color, etc.  Maybe they will turn back up in my life next year, or maybe they won’t.  I know the first few months of this ordeal (from the time of that first phone call till……..) where rough, I possibly said or did things that made others mad, I have no way of knowing, however, all I can say is this:  Until someone walks in my shoes, understands what it is that I was going through emotionally and physically, you will never understand why I said or did some of the things that I did, or even didn’t do.  This journey of breast cancer doesn’t come with instructions, we all have to find our own way through all this pinkness.  However, if I offended or upset anyone and you didn’t bring it to my attention, and you chose to walk away instead, well, you became one of the people that I realized that the relationship was one sided, you never gave me the opportunity to fix things and make it right.  I can’t help how I feel, while my actions may have hurt you, your actions of silence hurt me as well and left me wondering and leaving me to draw my own conclusions.

People have questioned how much time I spend on Facebook, or even how much I talk about Wall-E.  Let me see if I can explain it.  While being confined to my house for the past year, and people not contacting me, or coming to see me, Facebook became my means to connecting with the outside world as a whole.  It brought me news of all kinds, entertainment of sorts, it allowed me to share in others joys and sorrows.  I have celebrated your milestones with you, rejoiced over the blessings you have received, prayed with you and for you.  Facebook has allowed me to keep in touch with the outside world.  Now as for Wall-E.  He is more than just a dog.  He has been my most faithful companion this past year.  He stays beside me as much as possible, we share the recliner, have shared over sized pillows when we sleep, he has licked my head clean during the bald time frame, he just simply wants to be near me, and like Pat, he brings me comfort.  He seems to know when I need him near, petting him is peaceful and I love him.  He is my fur mate.  I have never bonded with an animal like this before, he is very special to me and when we are apart, I do truly miss him.

With the closing of 2013, brings about all the wonderful and amazing things that 2014 will bring and I honestly, could not be more excited about what is to come in our lives!

My dr visits and tests (and surgeries) are becoming less and less frequent.  Instead of having some type of dr appointment every single month, I am getting on a more normal schedule of seeing dr’s every 3 months for normal check ups!  I have only one surgery left for my reconstruction, then the tattooing and I will be done with that part, praise the Lord!  My hair is growing at a pretty decent rate, so maybe this time next year, I will be able to have a ‘style’.  I’m still embracing my grey streak, and may not cover it when my hair is long enough.  I’m looking forward to having my vision fully straightened out and having my eye lashes grow in and stay instead of growing in and breaking off.  I’m excited to be able to find a new job, something that I will love and look forward to going to daily.  A position that will allow me to be surrounded by others in a positive work environment and will encourage me to grow, a job that will bring happiness into my life!  I am very excited to take Pat to see The Eagles in concert, I think giving him tickets for Christmas was my most favorite gift!  I have 2 nieces getting married in 2014, and one of my dearest friends daughter is also getting married!  Lots of love to celebrate in the new year!  I’m hoping to truly find my way back to my camera, to fall back in love with photography, to get back into the creative world that cancer put on pause for me.  I’m looking forward to seeing George Strait in his final concert, and then also learning when Garth Brooks will start touring again.  And, I’ll be welcoming a new niece or nephew in 2014 as well.

But most of all, I’m looking forward to welcoming our first grand child.  This grand child gives me so much to look forward too, all of the other stuff, is just stuff, but this grand baby is a new life, a new life to love and I am so eternally thankful to just simply be alive and healthy to be here to witness this miracle!  I’ve been saying for several years that I wasn’t ready to be a grand parent, and ever after the kids told us they were pregnant, it took a few days for the shock to wear off and reality to set in.  Now, I’m just beside myself with joy.  I’ve been looking at the things we need here at our house for the baby, looking at cute clothes, praying for this baby daily, trying to contain my excitement, and I do mean contain it, I’m truly excited!  I’m trying to decide what my grandparent name will be, I want something fun, easy, not stuffy and formal.  I want this child to know me, to love me, to want to come see me, to even face time with me.  I have visions of reading stories via face time with this child!  Have I mentioned yet, just how thankful I am that I am alive to be a part of this?

2014 is going to be MY year, I’m claiming it as MY YEAR and I hope that you will choose to also be  a part of it, to continue to help me spread the word about awareness, to support me as I face new challenges, to help me find my love of photography again (ya know, I’ve got a grand baby that is going to need to be photographed), to help me continue to laugh and smile, to love me.

Here’s to 2014, and 2013, well, you can just kiss my big ol butt goodbye.


I love my family!  This is what happens when you give one of the guys the wireless trigger remote!



December 20, 2013

Lots to tell today, however, the most exciting thing…….after a very long time of keeping a very hard secret, I can FINALLY tell the world, I’m being promoted to GRANDMA status in July 2014.  My oldest son and his wife are expecting their first child in July 2014, we are thrilled and over the moon excited!

Today is my one year cancer free anniversary too!  So, I’m thrilled to celebrate that, as well, as being able to tell my grandma news!

I had my exchange surgery yesterday for my implants, and I now have one more surgery ahead of me, most likely in March, which will be the final surgery step in my reconstruction!

Merry Christmas to all of you and thank you for following this journey with me!